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Solar Panels

All American Roofing is proud to provide solar panel installation capabilities. AAR is certified by many manufacturers and can install most solar panels. The mounting systems utilized are compatible with most panel systems and we are capable of installing systems for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

All American Roofing in the News

(Valley Forge, Pa.) CertainTeed’s Apollo® Solar Roofing System is an integrated component in the net-zero energy strategy CertainTeed’s Apollo® Solar Roofing System is an integrated component in the net-zero energy strategy of The Whildenof The Whilden, a new custom home built by green builder Amerisips Homes Inc. on John’s Island, S.C. The 3,050-square-foot, two-story LEED® Platinum-certified home’s ultra-high energy efficiency is driven by the integration of photovoltaic (PV) roofing and structurally insulated panels that dramatically reduce energy demand.

“The Apollo Solar Roofing System is integral to achieving the net-zero energy performance that we deliver in all of our homes, due to its ability to harness the sun’s rays and generate free energy,” Amerisips President Tina Bostic said. “In addition, the system’s panels are much thinner and integrate into the roof better than traditional solar panels, which gives us a solar roof without sacrificing aesthetics.”

The Amerisips’ home design and construction team integrates all the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and renewable energy systems to maximize the energy savings and generation for their high-performance Free Energy Living homes. For the roof installation, the team hired All American Roofing of Charleston, S.C., which underwent a day-long CertainTeed installation training session for the Apollo system. The small crew completed the project in five hours, which included the assembly and installation of 54 PV panels and 34 squares of CertainTeed Landmark™ designer shingles in Cobblestone Gray.

“If you know the basics of roofing and take the Apollo installation class, you’re ready to go out there and do it,” All American Roofing Project Manager Travis Montjoy said. “The electrical hookups are just simple plug-ins, and you don’t need many extra tools, so it’s easy to assemble and install. The whole process moves pretty quickly. It’s a good system.”

All American Roofing was also pleased with CertainTeed’s customer support throughout the project. “CertainTeed did a really good job explaining how the system works and helping us prepare for the installation,” All American Roofing Vice President Joe Bowman said. “They anticipated what our needs would be and helped us complete the job successfully.”

The Apollo Solar Roofing System features high-performance polycrystalline PV panels designed to integrate discreetly into standard shingled roofs. The panels are lightweight, durable, resistant to wind uplift, and can easily be integrated into either an existing roof, or with the installation of a new roof that combines solar panels and asphalt shingles.