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Rodney: I cannot find the words to express my appreciation for the tremendous assistance you gave Francine and me in the repair and replacement of the roof of our home and the other areas that were damaged by hail. We had a very difficult time with our insurance company and the appraisal and if it were not for your assistance, support and your time, we would never have had the success that we achieved. I personally believe that G-d sent you to us, because if it were not for you, we would never have discovered the hail damage to our roof and the extent of the damage, not to mention the damage to our window screens and garden lights. Only because of your assistance and support is the insurance company paying for the replacement of the entire roof, the screens and the damaged ceiling in one room.

Initially, the insurance company had agreed to pay for only a part of the roof but after your thorough inspection and your walking us through the difficult process of appealing the matter, we were successful. Then, in spite of your busy schedule and demands on your time, you came out to supervise the job: the removal and replacement of the shingles; and made sure that the necessary and required tasks were completed properly. And you did not leave until the job was done.

Francine and I thank you from the depth of our heart. We have a new roof and all areas of damage to the roof-decking have been repaired.

Thank you for your excellent assistance, care and attention.

John Blaine