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All American Roofing, Inc., Roofing Contractors, North Charleston, SC

Metal Roofing - Roofing

All American Roofing, Inc. Sheet Metal Department is rapidly growing. We design, fabricate and install. Your "one stop" shop for custom and architectural metals and copper. Our Sheet Metal Department works closely with our Residential and Commercial Department.

There are many colors to choose from, withstands winds up to 120 mph, more than 50% of the steel content is from recycled metal, reduces cooling costs and many styles qualify for the EnergyStar tax credit. All metal roofs require color matched trim such as ridge cap, valley, gable, and eave.

Vertical Panel Roofing

Has exposed fasteners and is very popular in the commercial and industrial market. Recently, due to its economical cost, this style has become popular in the residential market. The fasteners are matched to the panel color and capper with a neoprene washer to prevent leaks.

Standing Seam Roofing

Panels range from 12" to 16" width and have seams of 1 to 1.5 ". This system offers fasteners that are hidden.

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